“Creativity is as important as literacy.”


Democratic Education

Why assume every student wants to Graduate at university?

As typically 85% of the number of businesses in each country has 3 people or less including the owners, the demographic for Entrepreneurs is significant. Many students struggle with an Academic education and simply are not engaged, this can completely change when they follow an Apprenticeship.

Today education at school struggles to give the foundations to support our children in finding work in the Digital Age. At least 15 out of 30 of the top skills are missed in a typical school curriculum, source:

Upwork is a freelancer portal trusted by over 4 million businesses including 20% of the Fortune 500.

Acquiring non-academic skills like

  • Social Media Consultancy

  • Sales Consultancy

  • Facebook Marketing

need a foundation of Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs apply innovation & creativity, collaborative networking and relationship building to solve problems...

These foundation skills are not easy to acquire in a typical academic curriculum.  

Learning Pathways - G.A.T.E.

Students need choices, Awe You offers services to help international schools implement Graduate, Apprentice, Talented, Entrepreneur (G.A.T.E.) student learning pathways.


Our Graduate student works well in a support role where her precise knowledge about a subject can help solve any problem. Methodical in everything she does but often feels threatened by change. Her focus on detail, logic & facts are a higher priority than relationships, organised and always well prepared


Typical Strengths

Problem solving; Thorough; Disciplined


Typical Weaknesses Insensitive; Perfectionist; Rigid; Demanding; Pessimistic


Our Apprentice student is a person  who cares deeply about other people and the relationships in his life. He is  happy for others to take the lead on making decisions and is very loyal to his friends and family. Other characteristics include that he’s calm and easy-going but cautious about making decisions. He accepts the world as it is and tends to avoid any form of conflict.

He doesn't like change and needs to trust people


Typical Strengths Supportive; Diplomatic; Patient; Reliable; Even Tempered; Calm;


Typical Weaknesses

No sense of urgency; Shy; Indecisive; Passive



Our Talented student is driven and exploits his talent through a focus on constant practice, training.

Strong willed, tenacious and competitive helps her accept rejections or failures.  Other characteristics include she needs to feel in control, she has a strong willed and task-oriented. She likes to    

keeps relationships at a distance. She gets right to the point & has a forceful manner


Typical Strengths : Independent; Decisive; Risk takers;  Practical; & Well Organised


Typical Weaknesses

Stubborn; Impatient; Inflexible; Politically insensitive


Our Entrepreneur student prefers variety over routine. He is spontaneous and energetic. A social individual who loves to talk, he is stimulating and conceptual in his communication, Enthusiastic but avoids any focus on details. He likes to show everyone the 'big picture'


Typical Strengths

Enthusiastic; Energetic; Good Communicator; Imaginative


Typical Weaknesses Overbearing; Unrealistic; Doesn't Listen Enough

Udemy - An Online Success

- 40,000 Courses, 15 million students 

The Online learning platform site "Udemy" has managed to fill the skills education gap with 10,000s of courses.

Millions of students learn skills like "Facebook Marketing", "Copywriting" and "Social Media Consultancy". 

How can we help schools to prepare our children with these types of skills?

How can a teacher to be lead expert on a topic when learning sources like YouTube, Wikipedia and Udemy have 1,000s of subject matter experts? 
Awe You helps ensure a teacher's role in a modern schooling environment adopts necessary student engagement skills such as faciltation, coaching and mentoring.

Expectations of our students to become life long learners needs our school educators to lead by example. Educators adopting technology with the flip classroom leads by example...

Jacqueline Archibald-Webb, Managing Partner, Awe You

The Entrepreneurship Curriculum - 

The Entrepreneurship Curriculum is unique as it has been designed to inspire individuals interest to learn.

It can run alongside any Academic Curriculum and works with non-academic personality types.

Starting with secondary schools, the Entrepreneurship Curriculum provides the foundation skills for young students to:

  • Adopt an "Intrepreneur" mindset when working as an Apprentice in a typical Small to Medium sized Enterprise (SME)

  • Provide a fall-back for any professional rare Talent they have (e.g. footballer, musician, artist).

  • Form and grow their own startup business as a first time Entrepreneur.

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